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Each bag is a unique piece, so the color range we offer is approximate. You can view the various colors and patterns only contacting the manufacturer or going to our “store locator”.
SPORTA 1952 bags are not only an elegant accessory, but they also differ from other products for their practicality: among the most important characteristics there are convenient internal spaces useful for every necessity and pockets and compartments specifically created for wallet and planners. They are basically perfect both for work and free time.
Each SPORTA 1952 was unique, inimitable and different from the others. Every bag could be recognized thanks to the special numbering system, the date of manufacture and various certificates attached to the guarantee certificate. Each bag SPORTA 1952 is an exclusive product that will increase its value and its charm every year. People who buy a SPORTA 1952 will receive a guarantee certificate that gives the owner the right to fix the bag for free within 12 months. Anyway, for the following years we offer a “care service” which only requires a small reimbursement of expenses.
For the following years, however, there is a “assistance service” that only involves a small reimbursement of expenses. 
After the compilation and the signature of the warranty certificate of your “SPORTA 1952”,  our customer can send it to the manufacturer with the charm. 
The company will resend you the personalized charm with your name and your initials.
You will also receive a prized document holder which will contain the counter-signed guarantee.